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Cupcake Topper Pilot

Image of the cupcake topper Pilot

Cupcake Topper:



Cool little pilot in his airplane.

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This is what you need:

coctail stick

How to make this cupcake topper:

1. Print the cut–out and cut all parts roughly.

Making the airplane:

2. Take the cut-out of the airplane and cut off the ends straightly (fig. 1).

3. Double the design of the airplane at the dotted line.  Look at figure 2 of the photo instruction to see how to fold the airplane.

4. Put the design wrong side up on your table and glue the part containing the propeller. Fold the 2 adjacent propeller-areas over it (fig. 3, 4).

5. Glue the backside of the small red area to the body of the airplane (fig. 4, 5). Now also glue the backside of the big red area to the airplane (fig. 5, 6).

6. Cut out the airplane. To make the cutting of the propeller less difficult you can double it (fig. 7). Fold the tips of the wings a little bit up and pierce the white dot on the body of the plane for the cocktail stick.

Making the pilot:

7. Fold the head at the dotted lines harmonicawise. Cut out the bottomside correctly (fig. 9).

8. Put the cocktail stick in the middle of the head and glue that together. Be carefull not to glue the bottomside (fig. 10, 11).

Making the cloud:

9. Double the cloud at the dotted line and glue the parts together. Cut out the cloud and pierce a little hole in it (fig. 12, 13, 14).

Assemble the topper:

10. Run the stick with the pilothead through the little hole in the body of the airplane and glue them together . Then run the stick through the cloud (fig. 15). Now it is ready to be put on the cupcake.

Photo instruction:

afbeelding met uitleg over het inelkaar zetten van de cupcake topper Pilot

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