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Cupcake Topper Fakir

Image of the cupcake topper Fakir

Cupcake Topper:



A fakir cupcake topper, directly out of a fary tale from 1001 nights

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This is what you need:

cocktail stick

How to make this cupcake topper:

1. Print the cut-out and cut the parts of the design roughly.  See that the cloud has enough white space attached to it.

Flying Carpet:

2. Double the design of the carpet at the dotted line.  Glue together (fig. 1, 2).

3. Cut out the design of the carpet and make a small hole in the middle for the stick (fig. 3)


4. Double the cloud at the dotted line and glue the parts together. (fig. 1, 2)

5. Cut out the cloud and pierce a little hole in it (fig. 3).


6. Double the design of the fakir at the dotted lines harmonicawise (fig. 4, 5)

7. Cut out  correctly along the stars at the bottomend of the fakir (fig. 6)

8. Put the design face down on the table, folding the bottomstars up so that you can easily paste the body of the fakir (pict. 7). Put a stick in the middle and glue the parts together (fig. 8).

9. Now cut out the rest of the fakir (fig. 9).

Assemble the topper:

10. Paste the bottomstars. Run the stick with the fakir through the hole in the carpet and glue it together.

11. Run the stick also through the cloud and put it on top of the cupcake.

Photo instruction:

afbeelding met uitleg over het inelkaar zetten van de cupcake topper Fakir

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