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Cupcake Topper Butterflies

Image of the cupcake topper Butterflies

Cupcake Topper:



Cute little butterfly cupcake topper. Nice to make in Spring.

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This is what you need:

cocktail stick

How to make this cupcake topper:

1. Print the cut–out and cut all parts roughly (fig. 1). You can make 2 toppers with 1 design.

Making de flowers:

2. Double the designs of the flowers at the dotted line. Glue the two parts  together. (fig. 2).

3. Cut out the flowers and pierce a small hole in the middle of them (fig. 3).

Making the butterflies:

4. Double the designs of the butterflies at the dotted line. Cut out the bottomline of each butterfly correctly (fig. 4, 5).

5. Open the butterflies and glue the two parts together while putting a stick in the middle of the butterflybody (fig. 6). Now cut out the rest of the butterfly correctly (fig. 7) and fold the wings a little to the back (fig. 8).

6. To make the tongues you double the pink strips at the dotted line, glue them together and cut them out (fig. 9, 10, 11).

7. Roll the tongue up from the round end and glue the other end to the butterfly.

Assemble the topper:

8. Run the sticks through the small holes in the flowers and put them on top of the cupcakes (fig. 12).

Photo instruction:

afbeelding met uitleg over het inelkaar zetten van de cupcake topper Butterflies

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